Steel City Ruby Conf is almost here


Steel City Ruby Conf is almost here

In just a couple weeks Littlelines will be making a road trip to Pittsburgh for the Steel City Ruby Conf. The event will be held Aug 3rd-4th downtown in the Heinz History Center.


Check out a snippet from the site:

Steel City Ruby Conf is a single-track conference. That means everyone attending the conference has the same shared experience and there’s no need to worry about choosing between two awesome talks. Each talk is only 30 minutes with a 30 minute break in-between to allow for the all-important Hallway Track™. We believe the hallway track is just as important as the speaking track, so we devote an equal amount of time to each

In addition to sponsoring the event, Littlelines had the dubious honor of designing the t-shirts. Now, we have a lot of experience with making shirts, but this was our first foray into conference shirts.


To say the least, we are quite pleased with the results and can’t wait to hand them out in Pittsburgh! If you want to following along, follow @littlelines and @steelcityruby on Twitter.

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