Progressive, powerful, and fast javascript framework that we completely love.

Works like a charm

Vue.js is a progressive and versatile framework which means our team can easily add it existing server-side frameworks like Rails and Phoenix and it works like a charm.

Why we love Vue.js

We added Vue.js to our official stack back in 2016. We were frustrated with other frameworks we were using at the time. They were not-so-friendly to use, difficult to add to legacy projects, and each new release came with sweeping changes that broke existing code.

Vue.js was a breath of fresh air to our team and we loved using it since day one. It was simple to set up, the documentation was great, the community was thriving, and best of all, it’s perhaps the most organized of all frameworks, (believe us we’ve been through the whole gamut of them over the years) which means it’s rock solid.

So what does this mean for your application?

It means that your app will have a cutting edge Javascript framework that will mostly like not change in the future. So no more re-writing your app to use the new framework-of-the-week, no more spaghetti code that takes forever to add new features to, and no more 100 lines of code just for a button click! This adds up to a ton of savings of time and money.

We’d be happy to speak more with you about how to integrate Vue.js into to your current stack, just click the get started button below.

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