Ruby on Rails Support & Maintenance

We realize the importance of your application and we want to be able to respond timely to your needs. Our maintenance program is a great way to utilize our team and talent to supplement your team.

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Put your app on autopilot

After successfully launching your product, our job isn’t done. We watch over your site to make sure it continues to operate smoothly. We also provide you with analytics that can assist in critical business decisions. The long term health and success of both your business and your application are the primary goals throughout our process.

Introducing Our RubyCare Program


Our RubyCare program is designed to do more than just keep the lights on - it's your full-service development team ready to ensure your application is stable, secure, and evolving with your growing business. You can expect regular updates, upgrades, bug fixes, adding new features, and simply just keeping a close eye on overall health.

With our RubyCare program you will receive:

  1. A guaranteed response for bugs, application issues, and maintenance requests.
  2. A guaranteed amount of hours set aside just for you to complete any work you need on time.
  3. Access to our company project board where all work requests are tracked and monitored consistently.
  4. Access to our company Slack channel where communicate with our support team anytime.

RubyCare Program is ideal for:

  • You already have an existing Rails app already running in production and you just need the occasional update to keep the lights on and your customers happy.
  • You have a beta version of your app up and running and you need a team to drive it across the finish line.
  • Your app is already a huge success, and you’ve got big ideas on the next version and you need a team to take it to the next level.

Support Plan

Have a go-to team on standby to help diagnose and fix bugs during normal operation of your web application. Ideal for customers wanting to know their application will keep running when unexpected issues arise.

  • Bug Fixes
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Better sleep at night
  • 10% discount on hourly consulting rate
  • $500 per month

Maintenance Plan

Recommended for small to medium size businesses to ensure maximum uptime for their mission-critical application with regular database backups, security patches, and minor version upgrades.

  • All items from SUPPORT PLAN
  • Security Patches
  • Minor Enhancements
  • Minor Ruby on Rails Upgrades
  • $1,500 per month

Always Current

Ideal for growing businesses needing ongoing and regular feature updates and enhancements, major code quality updates, performance tuning, and staying on the top of the latest version of Ruby on Rails.

  • All items from MAINTENANCE PLAN
  • Small Feature Enhancements
  • Major Ruby on Rails upgrades
  • 25% discount on hourly consulting rate
  • $4,500 per month

Still have some questions?

We're confident you'll be happy knowing your Rails application is in good hands. There's no long-term commitment and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. If you want a longer-commitment, we offer discounted annual plans too!

What does bug fixes and minor enhancements include?
These small operational tasks to keep the web application up and running so your customers are happy. This may include updating SSL certificates, fixing broken links, removing or preventing ugly error messages, and overall diagnosing issues.
What's the discounted hourly consulting rate about?
If your business requires additional resources that go beyond support and maintenance, congratulations! Our team of expert designers and engineers are ready to give the boost your application needs to keep up with the growing demands. Best of all, at a discounted rate!
What's included in minor upgrades?
Minor upgrades are typically security or small feature upgrades that the Ruby on Rails team releases periodically throughout the year. For example, 6.0 -> 6.0.2 -> 6.0.5.
What is considered a major upgrade?
Major upgrades are bigger updates the Ruby on Rails team releases typically once a year. For example, versions 5.0 -> 5.2 -> 6.0. It is common that these releases introduces breaking changes and require bigger updates to your application to ensure it still operates correctly.
Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes! There is no long-term commitment, unless you want there to be. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.
Do you offer web hosting with these support plans?
Yes! As a result of a dozen years running web applications and reliably running them in production, we’ve built a platform that is designed to meet the needs of your application - not the other way around.

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