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Working with Ruby on Rails since 2007.

Littlelines has been a Ruby on Rails consulting firm since day one. In 2006, our founder, Matt, started his journey with Ruby on Rails soon after meeting DHH while attending the 2006 SD West conference in Silicon Valley where Ruby on Rails 1.0 won the Jolt Award for product excellence. Shortly after, Littlelines was born in early 2007 and has been living and breathing Ruby on Rails ever since.

As the first Ruby on Rails consulting firm in Dayton, we had a first hand view of how far the framework has come. In the early days, clients where curious about this new technology, but also hesitant about investing in a unproven platform. They were soon won over after seeing the benefits of rapid development and quick turnaround time Rails has become known for.

Ruby on Rails has matured nearly 10 years now and is widely accepted as a proven leader in the web development industry. It has enabled our development team to focus more on solving core business problems with our applications rather wasting time on how to build applications.

We were first

That’s right, we’re Dayton’s first Ruby on Rails consulting firm. Our founder Matt began his journey right as it was launching.

Years of experience

Having worked with Rails for nearly 10 years, your project will be in more than capable hands.

"I came across Matt and his company Littlelines by pure random chance. I am sure glad I did. It is rare to find a consulting company with as much devotion to quality work as they are. I plan to make Matt and his team a part of projects as long as I have them. His solutions are well engineered, well documented, and creative. Even when presented with new or unknown technology, Matt would dive right in and come up with brilliant solutions to engineering challenges. Building products can be trial and error as you zero in on the best experience and Matt supported us the entire way. If you don't have a project for Matt right now, you should just think one up... just so you can use Littlelines!

Trapper Markelz // Head of Product, MeYou Health

Giving back to the Ruby community

Littlelines values the Ruby Community and it's growth. So we opened up our office to several meetups, spoken at conferences, and contributed to various open source projects.

Ruby Events

Through the years, it has been our privilege as a Ruby development shop to proudly attend, sponsor, and speak at several Ruby conferences. We love this language and do what we can to contribute and support its growth.

Dayton Ruby Brigade

We established the Dayton Ruby Brigade; a group of folks who are excited about the Ruby on Rails. We designed the community page for daytonrb.com and host the monthly gathering at our headquarters.

Open Source

We love giving back to the open source community. Our developers have created everything from fun testing tools like Nyan Cat Rspec Formatter to productivity tools like Labrador and Sync.

Is Ruby on Rails right for you?

Whether you're starting a new project or maintaining an existing one, Littlelines has a stellar track record for delivering results. Our team of designers and developers have worked with companies big and small. We've seen lots of problems, and we've solved a bunch. So contact us today to learn how we can help you with yours.
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