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Whether you're a new startup with a great idea, or an established company looking for a reliable development partner, we're a passionate team of rubyists ready to share over a decade experience of shipping, improving, and maintaining Ruby on Rails applications.

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Reliable and trusted rubyists

Flaky agencies, bug after bug, poorly written code, and nothing ever seems to ever get done. The degree of slowdown can be significant. Teams that were moving very fast in the beginning, now find themselves moving at a snail’s pace. Every change to the code breaks two or three other parts of the code. No change is ever easy, driving productivity further down to zero and costs through the roof.

Sound familiar? We've seen this same story over and over again. The good news, Littlelines will put an end to the gridlock and start getting the best value on your investment - your Rails app.

Littlelines can come along side your business at any stage and in any capacity you need. Be it set development hours per month, a code review of an existing application, or initial consulting as you begin planning we have you covered.

Experienced teams accelerate development

Everything we’ve learned about Ruby On Rails development comes from delivery hundreds of applications since version 1.0 all the way up to version 6 - keeping techniques that work and throwing away the ones that don’t, and there are a lot of techniques that don’t work. This doesn’t mean cutting corners - not by any means. The trick is writing code for the long term. Now, there’s a lot that goes into think long-term - too much to go into here, but here are just a few of the techniques you’ll discover...

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Ridiculous focus on quality

Writing tests at the same time as writing code is typically referred to as Test-driven development or TDD. To us, the most important aspect of TDD, is it forces the author (us) to write tests as if we are the customer of our own code, making us think about its quality, continuously.

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Clean, simple code

Writing clean code is simple and direct. To us, clean code is really about the future author of the code. This means that with each line of code we write, it can be read and enhanced by any future developer with ease - saving a ton of time and money.

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Built right the first time

Knowing when to use a third-party libraries and perhaps more importantly not always reaching for a Gem that will be outdated and replaced by the new hot Gem of the month, when a simple plain Ruby class will work just fine - avoiding the need to replace the Gem when it’s abandoned, no longer maintained, or incompatible. This is just one example of how your application will be set up for long-term growth.

So what sets Littlelines apart from the rest?

Littlelines has been a Ruby on Rails consulting firm since day one. In 2006, our founder, Matt, started his journey with Ruby on Rails way back at version 1.0. Back then, there was no Bundler, no Asset Pipeline, no Rack, yet still fun to work with. Thus, Matt quit his job and shortly after, Littlelines was born in early 2007 and has been living and breathing Ruby on Rails ever since.

We've been shipping Rails apps over a decade. We've refined a system over the past 12 years that has proven to take any Rails app - big, small, or complex out of technical debt. Our unique approach helps you transform legacy apps by delivering measured, incremental steps that gradually increase code quality while also accelerating business value to your customers.

Small focused teams = big results. You'll get a dedicated team that brings a wealth of experience to the table. By emphasizing on collaboration, consistent communication, and transparency in working toward a shared goal, allows our team to focus more on solving core business requirements with your application rather than wasting time on how to build applications.

"On both a professional and personal level the Littlelines team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have been integral in spearheading multiple projects for us - coming up with attractive and intuitive designs based on our often rough suggestions. In many ways they have become an extension of our own team."

Mani Chandy // Editor, Berggruen Institiute

"Matt is a top-notch developer and paired with his brother Josh's design skills they make for a double whammy. Gorgeous work, fast turn around and a great sense of humor to boot."

Andrew Wilkinson // Founder, MetaLab

"You don't come across a tandem like this very often. They did a great job from start to finish in a personable manner, thinking along the way and genuinely caring."

Dirk Stevens // Co-Founder, Wondergraphs

"Littlelines are by far the best development shop we have worked with this year, and we have worked with almost a dozen."

Trapper Markelz // Head of Products, Daily Challenge

"Littlelines provided top-notch service and walked us through some of the more technical aspects of building a website when we had questions."

Wilfred Stegeman // Founder, SchedJoules

"We LOVE Littlelines. They are great, knowledgeable, easy to work with, experienced, and flexible. I will go nowhere else work my dev work. AND their rates are lower than the stated rate because they are more productive and get more done in an hour than anyone we've ever worked with. "

Steve Osborne // CEO, Top Gun Sales Performance

"Littlelines, what a beautiful job! We are blown away!!!!!! And I never use multiple exclamation points!!!!!!"

Heidi Hockenberry // Chief Marketing Office, Pacific Union

"I worked with the Littlelines team on two very different projects. In both cases, the team listened and applied a flexible solution. There aren’t many teams that are as talented on both the front and back ends. Truly impressive!"

Eric Bell // Founder, Baxtel

No need to start over.

There is absolutely NO need to rewrite everything you already have. You’ve undoubtedly put a lot of time and money into your project up to now, the last thing you want to do is start again. Before we do anything, we’ll help you make the most of what you’ve already got.

Just click the Get Started button below and discover how Littlelines can get your app in front of customers and let your new super-charged Rails application do its work. You will also get a 100% free code review and assessment by our engineering staff.

P.S. Want to see everything that Littlelines does? Check out our Services page. If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them.

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