DevOps Planning & Automation

Ensuring the right tools are in place and tracking the right statistics so that your business is setup for optimal performance and can adapt to the constantly changing needs of your customers.

From start to finish, we got you covered

Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping the servers will scale enough, are secure from hackers, and your data is safe and backed up, rely on our expertise. We’ve designed a system that’s flexible, scalable, and reliable so you can sleep at night knowing your business is set up for success. In fact, we’re counting on it.

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Cloud Architecture Design

With over a dozen years of building and maintaining servers for web apps under our belt, Littlelines has developed a series of infrastructures tools that maximizes maintainability, scalability, and security while keeping costs down. Using Ansible as our main tool, we have a library of “playbooks” that we’ve developed to build new servers from scratch, handles upgrades, and routine daily maintenance with simple and repeatable.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment Automation

We’ll set your application on a continuous integration server such as CircleCI and run tests for every a new pull request created. Then, we’ll run the code through an automated code quality services such as CodeClimate. Once all tests pass and all code reviews are complete, new features will be shipped to a staging server automatically and notifying the QA team instantly.

Service Monitoring & Analytics Setup

We’ll setup and configure performance and montioring software such as BugSnag and New Relic to make sure we catch errors a soon as they happen. And other tools like Google Anaylitcs and Google Tag Manager so you can track visitors.

A/B Testing

How do you know all your hard work is paying off? Is your message coming across? Why aren’t users signing up?

These are all real questions tha come up post-launch. Good news, they can be answered by leveraging tools like HotJar, to see how customers are using your product. Optimizely so you can test what messages are resonating with your customers, Google Conversion tracker so you can keep stats on your conversion rates. And many many more that we’ll plan with you as you get ready to launch your app into the world.

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