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Ruby on Rails

We've put in over a decade of crafting Ruby on Rails applications. Our experience enables us to build your product the right way.


Design is more than just pretty pixels. We believe that investing in great design is critical for the success of any product.


We've been separating the models, views, and controllers with Rails for years and Vue.js allows us to make things more maintainable on the front-end too.


Super-charged search engines is one of our specialities. Our full-text search engines can deliver results accurately and as fast as customers can type.

Setting the stage

While a lot of the site features were evident the largest problem to solve was selling of show tickets. We choose to start our planning with these views in a mobile setting, exploring the early steps of searching for shows, all way through the final booking process. This helped define the core functionality of the site while establishing some of our baseline navigation and site structure.


Rolling out the red carpet

Several options were explored and tested before settling upon the final design direction. Ultimately we found letting the photgraphy and the content itself be the primary focus. Being able to quickly find information and highlighting, in this case literally, important details. Below you can see some early font, color, and styling exploration along side some of the designs for UI components.

Approach 1
Approach 2
Approach 3
Approach 4
Approach 5

The System

Ticketing systems are traditionally a technical undertaking - onStage:LA was no exception. Our engineering team was challenged to make a powerful adminstration tool to allow the production team to seamlessly manage low ticket reserves, ticket refunds, allocating complementary tickets, managing shows, and much much more.

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