Rapid UI Development

We’ve taken our own spin when it comes to engineering pixel perfect user interfaces.

Ultimate Flexibility

When it comes to developing user interfaces, Littlelines has mastered the art of building flexible systems that focus on modularity, reusable components, and a set of style guidelines that allows engineering teams to build features quickly with pixel precision.

For your app to grow and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape, you need a user interface that responds to changes easily. Want to add a new feature, and not spend hours and hours with the design team figuring out how to fit it in with the current layout? No problem. Flexibility is our focus from the start, so you can deliver more of what your customers want, faster.

What you'll get


Custom built for your users

One size doesn’t fit all. Your app is unique and this is why Littlelines hand-crafts interfaces specifically to meet the needs of your customers - not to meet the needs of the software. You shouldn’t be restricted or limited by what an off-the-shelf software can do.

Littlelines builds custom user experiences that position your app for future growth while also standing apart from the crowd.


A flawless User Experience

Whether using your app on the desktop or on the go, the user experience must be the same - exceptional. The array of devices has never been as expansive as it is today. For that reason, we stress test various screen sizes from the very start ensuring every device is both easy to use and quick to respond.


Detailed instructions included

Having an easy-to-read guide built right into your app has been, by far the quickest and most pleasant way our team to fast track UI development. Whether it’s a new alert box, contact form, or message popups, it’s all explained right there in the app allow our team to deploy new features, quicker. Want to see for yourself?

Take a peek at how we used it to build this site: https://littlelines.com/guidelines

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