Includrs makes it easy to track and manage inclusivity in the workplace with sensitivity training, incident reporting, love contracts and mental health support along with easy worker onboarding. The programming is informed by research scholarship and experience from disciplines including history, sociology, psychology, and communication. Includrs allows companies to focus on what they do best, utilizing the app to strengthen company/worker relations.



70 Screens designed,
prototyped & tested

6 New features created
& implemented

16 Months from start
to project handoff

Our Approach

Includrs brought us on for staff augmentation offerings. As a consultancy we are often brought in to help teams manage the overwhelmingly large amount of programming that is required to help keep a product's delivery both on track and on time. Our services offer both problem solving aspects like intial concepting, planning, UX/UI as well as the technocal know how of the programming models to execute upon these ideas. At first we were just tasked with programming support based on existing tasks, but by projects end we were leading new feature designs and their implementation.
// Above is a sample portion of some of the new features we integrated. As with all new features, we start by working though user flows
before creating prototypes to test. Once approved the user flows are handed off to dev for implementation.

Web Development

Built on Bootstrap and VueJS for the front-end, Rails and ViewComponents to streamline and encapsulate functionality in the back-end. With Includrs planning some large future features, our team made a point to keep the app built out of smaller, maintainable components With the sensitive nature of the data, Littlelines focused on providing a fully encrypted data structure to protect the data of Includrs users. While privacy is key, creating queries for that data can be cumbersome. We worked with their team to build a custom tool for searching encrypted data server-side without exposing vulnerable information.


The result

This project’s culmination came after 16 months of working directly with Inlcudrs internal team to deliver a working version of the application, which was used for demonstrating the applications full functionality. As nice as it is to land work with companies like Includrs, what’s more important in our eyes is that companies overall success. At the end of the project we ensured a smooth handoff by providing them with written documentation detailing the project current status, videos demonstrating the app’s functionality and that could be used for future training purposes, and lastly, an detailed outline of recommendations for what should come next.
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