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Building Rails Params with Vue.js Computed Properties

Computed Properties are a way to compose reactive data and update all the linked data in your UI automatically.

Crystal or Elixir? A Good Problem To Have

When looking for blazing fast applications, let's take a closer look at Crystal, a ruby-inspired language that's as fast as C.

Steps for a Successful Development Transition

There’s always a lot of talk about process, and rightfully so. One thing we believe is that your process should always be in a state of evolving.

How To Replace alias_method_chain

alias_method_chain was deprecated in Rails 5.0 and removed in 5.1, in favor of Module#prepend. When upgrading a Rails application or gem that uses this method, a bit of restructuring is required.

Advanced Git - Cherry-pick and Rebase

Git is fantastic. It also is very easy to get started with. The basic commands (push, pull, merge) are very simple and you can pick them up in an afternoon. But I find often people never move past the basics into the more powerful commands (or worse, use the github GUI client! GASP!). That’s what we’re gonna do today. Let’s take a tour of some features.

Welcome Jeff Kingswood

We have a new developer on the team, and we can't wait for him to show off his skills!

ExUnit Quick Reference

ExUnit is the unit testing framework shipped with Elixir. This easy to reference guide aims to help consolidate the basic concepts and documentation surrounding the framework.

Strategy: Launching an App? Keep a Narrow Focus

You can get in way more trouble with a good idea than a bad idea, because you forget that the good idea has limits. -Ben Graham

Update Mac OSX Using the Command Line

List and run OSX software updates from the command line instead of the App Store

We love our Bullpen - An argument for an open office layout

We work on improving our workspace all the time, but no matter what we do, it centers around the importance of our open office.

Using Phoenix with Legacy Rails Applications

Leverage the power of Elixir and Phoenix in your existing legacy Rails applications today.

UX is Awesome

Sharing a really nice tool to assist with UX planning - Google Chrome extension UX Check

Startup Funding - How Does Equity Splitting Work

A lot happens between the time of a company's formation and its filing for an IPO. This short example shows how equity splitting shapes a company through different stages of funding.

How to Send Email From Your Phoenix App in Under 5 Minutes

In this simple demonstration, we'll show you how to integrate Mailgun into your Phoenix application and have it up and running in no time.

Pain Points - Solve the Right Ones

Having a defined scope for your new project will not only set the path for development, it will allow you to gain momentum to carry you through launch.

Seamlessly Navigate Rails Projects With Tmux

I've been using Tmux daily for a few years to help me work more effectively across rails projects. In our office, it's all the buzz.

Littlelines Roadtrip (Summer Edition)

The Littlelines crew will be taking the show on the road this week. This time around, we're loading up the car and sticking to the Midwest. Next stop, Pittsburgh!

Welcome Dustin Armstrong

We have a new developer on the team, and we can't for him to show off his skills to the development community!

A Survival Guide for Legacy Rails Apps

Over the nine years of writing Rails apps, we've picked up a few tips and tricks, and now, we get to pass them on to you.

Elixir vs Ruby Showdown - Phoenix vs Rails

In the second post of the Elixir vs Ruby Showdown, we're exploring the performance of the Phoenix and Rails web frameworks when put up against the same task.

Elixir vs Ruby Showdown - Part One

We've taken a huge interest in Elixir here at Littlelines. In this two part series, we'll be showing you why.

5 Reasons Why Rubyist Will Love Swift

We're always curious about new languages. Swift was just released by Apple, and has us very excited.

Swift Extensions

Later, Objective-C. Apple has a few cards up their sleeves that are making things interesting, and we're not holding back our excitement!

Getting Started With A/B Testing

A little testing can go a long way. A/B testing can tell you a lot about what is, and isn't working on your website.

Rake Reset

It may be simple, but performing a reset allows you to completely tear down your development environment and rebuild it from scratch.

Fun with Variants and Enums in Rails 4.1

Rails 4.1 is out, and we've got some super cool features to share with you! Check out this latest post from David.

Welcome Ricardo Thompson!

We have a new Creative Director on the team, and we can't for him to show off his skills to the development community!

How To Use AngularJS and Keep Loving Rails

Looking for a framework that will add value to your Rails App? So was I, and here's what I found.

A Guide for Writing Maintainable Rails Tests

We've put together some helpful tips we've picked up over the years that can keep your test suite running smoothly for the long-run.

Tee Shirt Designs For Steel City Ruby

A look under the hood of one of our latest t-shirt designs.

How To Guard Against Ruby Nil Errors

Avoiding nil helps keep your Ruby stack traces relevant, gives better context to your callers, and lets you add behavior to real objects that would otherwise be handled by a series of ifs and nil type checks throughout your codebase.

Simple Touch Events in CoffeeScript

When I was faced with the problem of handling touch events on handheld and tablet devices for our new site, I started with a blank page in my favorite editor.

Littlelines in the Wild (Spring Edition)

We've got our sunscreen, sun glasses, and driving shoes on! Check out where we'll be over the next few months.

Say Hi to Jeremy

We're extending a big 'Welcome' this week to a very talented young designer who is joining our office for the next three weeks.

How We Built Floatt in Two Days

The 2012 Rails Rumble was a blast for our office. In this post, we'll tell you about the program we developed and what we learned in the process.

Labrador - A loyal data retriever

Here at Littlelines, we work with a wide range of database systems. Here's a quick snapshot of Labrador.

Littlelines Responds

Responsive design is here to stay. We've jumped in head first and aren't looking back!

The Little Things

Musings that keep us going. Happy weekend everyone. Watch out Monday! Here we come.

Steel City Ruby Conf 2012 Wrap Up

All good things must come to an end, and this year's Steel City Ruby Conf is not finished. Read on to see some cool things we learned!

Welcome David Stump to Littlelines

We have a new developer on the team, and we can't for him to show off his skills to the development community!

Happy Birthday Littlelines

My oh my, how time flies! A letter from the President.

Steel City Ruby Conf is almost here

It's that time of year again! We can't wait to get out to Pittsburgh.