Riding Post connects equestrian professionals

Ruby on Rails

We've put in over a decade of crafting Ruby on Rails applications. Our experience enables us to build your product the right way.


Design is more than just pretty pixels. We believe that investing in great design is critical for the success of any product.


We've been separating the models, views, and controllers with Rails for years and Vue.js allows us to make things more maintainable on the front-end too.


Super-charged search engines is one of our specialities. Our full-text search engines can deliver results accurately and as fast as customers can type.


Redefining the antiquated

During our strategy planning sesssions, we learned that most barn and training facilities still use outdated pencil and paper forms for scheduling sessions and managing workers. The folks at RidingPost knew there had to be a better way and asked us to deliver a platform that makes super easy to connect equestrian professionals - Anytime. Anywhere.


Bringing Riding Post to life

We worked with the Riding Post team through many iterations and visual styles of what would be come the Riding Post brand. What we came up with is a product that both our team and the Riding Post team are very proud of. But that's not all, we carried over our designs to development and build a robust API-based application paried with a progress web app that provides users with an exceptional experience.


Meet your trainer

Whether your in your home city or on the go, scheduling lessons are just a few touches away. With Riding Post's built-in calendar features, it's easy to see all of your appointments in one view.
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