Project Management

Keep your team on the rails. Our proven project management methods delivers results you can see from the very first day.

Better Delivery

We’ll share our process that fosters collaboration with managing work requests, schedules, and ensuring team priorities are aligned with your business goals. We’ve developed a system that makes priorities clear so the entire team stays organized a delivers more frequently and consistently.

Better organization leads to better focus
We believe that being ridicuously organized is the key to making a project run fast and smooth. Your team knows exactly what needs to be worked on, what’s next in line, all while having a clear picture of your business goals.

Great Communication = Great Results


Agile from the start

Littlelines is an agile develompent company from day one. Through iteration planning, we’ll break down and prioritize work into manageable chunks so the team can keep momentum.


No more Surprises

Transparency is always a click a way. You’ll see a shared, clear view of all of the teams’ work in real-time that includes what’s currently be work on, who’ll be working on what, and what will be worked on next.


Always in the loop

Each week we’ll send you a simple report of everything that has been accomplished in the previous week including completed work, what’s in the queue, and what’s coming next. Keeping everyone in the loop and up-to-speed on the latest progress.

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