Quality Assurance

Ship features with confidence. Littlelines' delivers quality software through test-drive development, regression testing and performance testing ensuring a smooth experience for your users.


Your pre-flight checklist

Take the stress out of launch day. Through relentless testing for both functionality and form, our team will spot any bugs that may have slipped through the cracks, ensure existing features still work, and identify any potential usability problems that come up before launching.

Proven process assures we:

Find bugs before production with automated and peer code reviews
Using continuous integration services such as CircleCI, We’ll setup your application to run unit, system, and regression tests every time a new pull request is submitted. Then, we’ll run the code through an automated code quality services such as CodeClimate. And finally, we require at least on other team member to do a manual review of the code - all ensuring technical debt is at an absolute minimum and bug free.

Provide continuous Usability Improvement
Just because all the tests pass on CircleCI, doesn’t mean the software “works”. Our QA team will test to make sure that it is intuitive, easy to use, and does not compromise the user experience in any way.

Don’t let you’re users put your servers to the test.
Load Testing with tools such as JMeter can help uncover issues with scaling before your users do. We’ll use these tools to determine how much your server can handle, spot bottlenecks, and plan for future growth.

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