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We are welcoming a new member to the Littlelines team this week.

David Stump

David Stump hails from Indiana and we are happy to call him our new front-end developer with a liking for Ruby. A graduate from Butler University, he recently earned a Masters of Science in Human Computer Interaction from DePaul University, College of Computing and Digital Media. Now if that isn’t experience enough for you, David worked at a tech start-up in Cincinnati and was responsible for all the front-end development. His experience doesn’t stop there though, David once got offered a Subway sandwich from Jared the Subway guy.

User experience, good design, and front-end development are just a few of his passions. Some of his recent personal projects include a social calendar application centered on Facebook events and birthdays (Facebook just released this same functionality in the past few weeks), and a Netflix API application geared toward presenting the user with Best Picture nominees from any given year and directing them to the streaming Netflix link.

When David is not collaborating or creating, he is attending his favorite college basketball games, drinking coffee, playing drums, gaming on all kinds of platforms, and traveling all around the world with his wife Gwyn.

David is looking forward to incorporating some of the passion for all around user experience and his fancy front-end development skills at Littlelines while dabbling in some Ruby along the way.

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