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Originally posted March 15 on LinkedIn

Sharing a really nice tool I’ve come across. Assuming many people work for large corporations, and I’m sure getting ideas up the chain of command is pretty tough. Stakeholders care about ‘big picture’ things like ROI. UX is way to accelerate (or decelerate) ROI in a major way depending on its quality.

UX Check Screenshot

The tool is a very simple (and free) Google Chrome extension called ‘UX Check’.


My favorite thing is I can open any web page, click the ‘UX check’ icon in the Google Chrome toolbar and then get to work!

Here’s a good way to use it:

Let’s say you have a legacy application that is a major frustration for you/your team, but you can’t seem to get the issues up the chain to get funding/talent to help you fix it or update it.

With the application, let’s assume usability blows, bounce rate is high, the app is not responsive on all devices…the list goes on. Let’s even say you do a little research (assuming it’s client facing and not an internal application with sensitive data) and have people sign up for the first time and click through your screens. Take notes about their frustrations. Doing so will allow you to visually represent people’s issues with the application using UX Check.

When you understand the issues with the app, you can be very targeted with your recommendations. By simply highlighting sections of the website with your cursor, you can take a screenshot of the application or website and leave notes! Then, you can organize the screenshots into whatever dorky presentation software you choose and make your recommendations :)

All things said, I think good companies pay us to be problem solvers. If you have a problem with an application you use on a daily basis, be pragmatic about your solution. If you can show that you’re missing out on users, or that users are getting stuck, it’s a great way, should you get in front of your stakeholders, to show them a real issue and its solution.

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