Littlelines Roadtrip - Los Angeles

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This month I had a great opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for a small vacation mixed in with a little business. One of our favorite clients LA Stage Alliance, aptly located in LA, where I stepped into their offices for a little visit.

As you may have read in our case studies page, onStage:LA is a project Littlelines designed and built from the ground up. It provides theater listings, news, reviews, and discount tickets in the greater LA area. They are apart of LA Stage Alliance, a non-profit service organization that’s sole purpose is to spread awareness, appreciation, and support for the performance arts in LA. Needless to say, we’re big fans of LA Stage and all what they do for the community.

While visiting their offices downtown, I got to meet the whole team face to face and see where they work. There’s no better way to gain a better appreciation for what people do, than to see them in action. The whole team is incredibly friendly and dedicated to their mission.

LA Stage

Feeling inspired, I thought, “Hey I should see a show while I’m here!. Why didn’t I think of this before!?” I loaded onStage:LA on my phone and began to search for shows playing that night since I was heading home the next day. I narrowed my search to “Ovation Recommended” shows - this means that the production has been recommended by Ovation voters using the onStage:LA app. This is a good indication the show is pretty good and it’s possible it may receive a nomination for the annual Ovation Awards held each year.

Within just a couple minutes, I found an Ovation recommended show playing at 8pm that night, clicked the “Buy Tickets” link, and boom - we’re all set! Later that night, my wife and I attended a play in north Hollywood and it didn’t disappoint - it was intense, moving, and really just a thrill to watch these actors perform just a few feet away from our seats.

Being an builder, there’s really no thrill like using the app you’ve helped create in the real world. I’m so very proud of the work the team has done to make onStage:LA come to life and so happy to continue working with the onStage:LA team to further expand their mission.

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