Project spotlight - New Littlelines Service Pages


We’ve been hard at work this year on client projects but also in polishing up our own brand. Over the last few months we’ve tackled the services section of our website in an effort to give both current and potential clients a better idea of all the services we can provide for them.

Complete Set

One awesome outcome from this, other than the great information provided on these pages these pages, was the addition of a robust and reusable icon set. We had been using this set of icons for a little while now but with the expansion of our services section found that we needed more icons in a hurry. With the exsisiting set of icons being solid in design, yet generic enough to be reused and repurposed, we found that we could mix-in-match as well as integrate them into one another producing even more options. Even better yet, when we have interns and apprentices on board, the icons are structured enough that anyone can open up the file, follow the set guidelines, and produce even more elements as the need araises in the future.

New Icons

These new combinations were also used as a starting point for new illustrations we added to the header section of each page. Drawing from the 3d styling and overall flat vectors as a basis, while making each unique to the service it describes.

New Icons New Icons

Have a look at our services pages to see the full designs and while you’re there see what Littlelines can do for you!

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