The Berggruen Institute develops fresh ideas that shape social and political thought and institutions.


We've put in over a decade of crafting Ruby on Rails applications. Our experience enables us to build your product the right way.

Responsive Design

Design is more than just pretty pixels. We believe that investing in great design is critical for the success of any product.


We've been separating the models, views, and controllers with Rails for years and AngularJS allows us to make things more maintainable on the front-end too.


One of our most important jobs at the beginning of a project is to understand what business goals are driving the project.


Our Approach

Berggruen was created to develop foundational ideas and, through them, shape political and social institutions for the 21st Century. That's where we came in. Littlelines was challenged with creating an application that would position the institute well as they continue their plans for rapid expansion across geopolitical landscapes. We created a fully custom admin for the Berggruen team to showcase various forms of content produced by members of the organization or published on various news platforms.

Berggruen Institute

The main web application was designed to showcase each segment within the Berggruen Institute. Geared more toward the individuals whom make up the institute, users can quickly navigate to various centers to read recent publications authored by various members and affiliates.

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