Pacific Union is the preeminent real estate firm of Beverly Hills.


We've put in over a decade of crafting Ruby on Rails applications. Our experience enables us to build your product the right way.

Responsive Design

Design is more than just pretty pixels. We believe that investing in great design is critical for the success of any product.


We've been separating the models, views, and controllers with Rails for years and AngularJS allows us to make things more maintainable on the front-end too.


Super-charged search engines is one of our specialities. Our full-text search engines can deliver results accurately and as fast as customers can type.


Our Approach

We were challenged by Pacific Union to create a web application that would serve multiple user roles and have lightning fast search. We chose to keep the design simple. With amazing photography, homes are showcased across the site. Pacific Union's mission isn't simply selling houses, it's building relationships between Agents and Homebuyers. We continue to work closely with Pacific Union's team to implement features that will serve their client base.


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