Ruby on Rails Upgrades

Is your Rails app ready for a version upgrade? We can help.


Why upgrade?

You don’t want to wait until a major security vulnerability is discovered to start the upgrade process. This would leave your business and customers vulnerable for as long as it takes your team to execute that upgrade.

Lack of support = Lack of security
If you’re still running Rails 3 or older, now is definitely the time to start your upgrade journey. Now that version 6 is on the horizon, 3.x is no longer receiving further updates. Let me repeat that. Ruby on Rails 3.x is no longer actively supported; not even for severe security issues.

Unfortunately, upgrading your Ruby on Rails application can often go to the bottom of your ever-growing list of things to do. This is where we come in - let us upgrade your app while you continue to deliver value to your customers.

Staying up-to-date doesn't have to be difficult


The longer you wait, the harder the upgrade

If you’re on a version of Rails that’s older than 4.2.x, bear in mind that moving to version 6 will be a multi-stage upgrade. You should only ever upgrade one minor release at a time (e.g., 4.1 to 4.2 to 5.0 instead of 4.1 directly to 6). Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a vortex of deprecation warnings and test repairs that will eat valuable time.


Tried, tested, and true approach for upgrades

Our team collectively has experience upgrading Rails apps of all sizes and shapes going way back to version 1. This puts us in a unique position of knowing what to expect and how to address it quickly.

Free Assessment

Before starting the upgrade process, we’ll dive into your application and see how it was built by taking a look at the code, third-party gems, and existing test suite. With the assessment, you will find out the overall health of your application and a detail list to steps we’ll take to get your app current again.

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