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Visual Design & Branding


+ Logo Design & Branding

Whether you're an existing company with a brand that just needs a little updating or a startup looking to hit market with a polished consistent design we can help.


+ Iconography

Need users to navigate your application more smoothly? Want to get more consistency introduced into your brand and workflow? A new set of iconography can help move people through your site and increase usability while also driving better performance.


+ Illustration

Great illustrations can depict an entire story with just a single image. Need a striking image to catch your users attention? Want to create an awesome t-shirt as a give away or gift to potential clients? We got you covered, we've even branded entire conferences.


+ Pattern Libraries / Design Systems

Whether you're an existing company with a brand that just needs a little updating or a startup looking to hit market with a polished consistent design we can help. Consistency is king, you want your users to feel their path through your site or application is seamless. We can deliver a system to you of reusable assets that will guarantee your entire application follows rigid standards. After this system is in place we'll help implement a strategy to assure people within your organization can easily adhere to it.

Our process: A recipe for success

An agile and adaptable process based on proven principles.

1. Research + Discovery

Our process begins with research - understanding your business and its needs is vital. This approach is two-phased, with us first speaking with individuals within your organization. Then, if possible, gathering info from your existing site and users.

Doing this helps us gather qualitative data and quantitative data which we'll use in our decision making.

2. Strategy + Planning

We’ll start by analyzing your current site and/or conducting marketing research. From this we will produce the site's architecture, a roadmap of the site’s organizational flow, and hierarchy before combining this with the business's goals.

It is also during this phase that we’ll start to develop the technical requirements/restraints for the site or application using your site’s existing platform or we will recommend technologies for completion.

3. Design

We start with design exploration, done with the client in an effort to get a feel for your brand. Maybe you already have brand guidelines, which we will strictly adhere to. Other times we find we’ll need to steer those choices.

Design deliverables vary by project - at times we’ve done complete, full-color mockups of each page. Other times we’ll just build out pattern libraries.

A focus on the user

User Experience & User Interface Design


+ User Research

Every project begins with understanding your users and business goals. Let us assist with outlining and defining the exiting problem space. We’ll then create objectives and set out to solve the right problems - the first time.


+ Website Architecture

In any case, having a solid structure at the helm of your app is critical. After we understand the goals of the application we’ll investigate the structure of your app. Assuring user roles and functionality align with your business goals.


+ Wireframing & Prototyping

We start by wireframing your app first, to make sure the right content is presented in a hierarchical fashion to drive results. The second part is taking the most crucial parts of the app and testing them in working prototypes. We can use these to present finished designs and, more importantly, test the functionality of the app without spending 100’s of hours building the wrong thing.


+ Responsive Design

What once was a catch phrase is now an industry standard. We’ll investigate where your users are the most and meet them there, while also assuring your site looks good on all devices is at the top of our priorities.

"We really enjoyed working with Littlelines as well as the design that we ended up with. I think it was our best RailsConf design yet.

Marty Haught // Director, Ruby Central Inc.

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