Bly is an online travel and shopping destination experience


We've put in over a decade of crafting Ruby on Rails applications. Our experience enables us to build your product the right way.

Responsive Design

Design is more than just pretty pixels. We believe that investing in great design is critical for the success of any product.


Why settle for a rigid third-party service when you can have your very own? We provide you our platform that is powerful and can be customized to fit your needs.


Super-charged search engines is one of our specialities. Our full-text search engines can deliver results accurately and as fast as customers can type.


Our Approach

We worked closely with Bly's team to make the process of finding products from various destinations quick and easy. Bly is unique in that each product comes from a certain location of the world. In addition, each product has several attributes associated with it such as style, size, color, and region. We created a custom e-commerce application to meet the specific needs for the project such as a travel blog infused with products for sale. Bly also features infinite scrolling, fancy transition effects, and a simple and secure checkout process.

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